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Do more for your web visitors with rich, powerful web applications from ASI.  Whether it's a maintenance scheduling component on an existing site, or a standalone inventory management system, web applications change your site from simply "doing" to "doing more".

Web applications have become popular due to minimal client requirements and the ability to update and maintain the site without distributing the service for thousands of users. Common Web applications include webmail, online retail sales, online auctions, information resources, discussion boards, weblogs, realty management, and many other functions.

ASI Uses Agile Development

Agile Software Development is a conceptual framework for software development that promotes development iterations, client-developer collaboration, and adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project.

Through Agile Development techniques we strive for the following:

  • Face-to-face communication — We prefer face-to-face communication with our clients over written documents  to fully capture intentions and immediately respond to statements or questions.  We also prefer telephone communication over email in regards to follow up questions for similar reasons.
  • Small development teams — Our development teams are small, cross-functional, and self-organizing.  Because of this, your desires, expectations, and project assets aren't spread thin across our entire staff.  Dedicated employees take your project and champion it until completion.
  • Rapid design iterations — The core of Agile Development is speed in development.  Changes, updates, and progress are in your hands faster than ever.  We pride ourselves on being one of the quickest inception-to-market development studios around.
  • Result Oriented — Intentions are great, but results matter.  Our focus is always for you to get bang-for-buck optimal results every time.
  • Being Agile — The results of rapid design iterations is agile development.  Every iteration is functional and ready for review, building upon each valid iteration until the project is complete.  Getting functional prototypes into your hands quickly allows you to make design changes along the way.

While these development techniques are the preferred way we work, they're not for everyone.  If you would prefer us to classically "specify, design, build, and deliver", we can do that too.

 Whatever your needs or purpose, Web Applications have become a versitile, rich, and engaging user experience.  Find out if a Web Application suits your needs by contacting us.









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