GMC / Isuzu LV EPC

Product Summary

The ISUZU Light Vehicle (LV) EPC is an Electronic Parts Catalog for ISUZU Light Vehicles for use by franchised parts retailers.

ASI, courtesy of ISUZU America, provides the product directly to ISUZU dealerships and repair facilities in the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada. The ISUZU LV EPC contains all the features required for a dealership parts department or repair facility to conduct business and order parts in the most efficient manner possible.

The ISUZU LV offers the option of identifying the vehicle and all options placed on the vehicle at assembly based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and associated historical data stored in the system.


By using the engineering information supplied by the manufacturer, the EPC has the ability to filter out all parts not associated with the vehicle. This eliminates much of the time required to select the correct part from a lengthy parts list. The EPC provided by Automotive Systems goes far beyond other systems on the market in filtering parts based on option codes.

Search Capabilities

The EPC provides several options to locate the part. Of course the part can be located by providing the part number. In addition, by using the word search option, the operator can quickly locate the desired part. Once provided a word or partial word, the system scans all part records and lists those that match the criteria. This option greatly reduces the time required to locate information.

Third Party Integration

From the parts list, one or more parts can be selected and placed into the shopping cart to be printed, e-mailed, or pasted into any application such as MS Word, Notepad, Outlook, etc.

The EPC works together with DataBridge to provide a link to your dealership’s Dealer Management System. The main purpose of this feature is to allow checking of part availability in inventory. It supports all DMS.

Illustrations & Annotations

All illustrations (diagrams) are included in the EPC. Each illustration is presented with the corresponding parts list. If VIN search is employed, this list contains only the parts that match the VIN criteria. All illustrations are linked to the parts list through annotations. By clicking on the part in the illustration, the part information is highlighted in the parts list. Any notes associated with the part will be displayed in the message box.


The EPC may be loaded on any PC running Windows 98 and above. It also may be installed on a network server and accessed by multiple work stations. (network available only on the monthly product.)

Currently, the ISUZU EPC supports the following vehicles and is updated Monthly or Quarterly based upon your package:

Supported Light Vehicles (LV)

  • I280 & I350 MIDSIZE PICKUP

Pricing Information

You can load our monthly ISUZU (LV) EPC to as many work stations as you need at a single street address, and your 'TOTAL' subscription fee will not exceed $200.00 per month.

Please call for a specific quote for your Facility. (888) 443-4065 Toll Free or (205) 991-7590 Direct



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