Distributed Applications

ASI has long developed distributed applications running on intranets, extranets, LANs, WANs, and the internet.  When your local operation turns into a multi-site organization, we're there for you.

A Distributed Application is an application made up of distinct components, possibly on different platforms, and connected via a network. Typical distributed applications are two-tier (client-server), three-tier (client-middleware-server), and multi-tier applications.

There are many purposes of a distributed computing system and many advantages in successfully designing one. The main goal of a distributed application is to connect users and resources in a transparent, open, and scalable way. Ideally, this arrangement is drastically more fault tolerant and more powerful than many combination of stand-alone computer systems.

ASI can design and deploy a distributed application in the following environments:


Between accessibility and stability, the movement to more and more Internet Applications seems logical.  If your business or organization thrives on the availability of your application then consider ASI for your Internet Application needs.  An Internet Application is the preferred platform when you have multiple roles and multiple members, depending on your business process.  Access your application and data from home, the office, on the road, and even with your hand held devices.



Distributed Applications running on an extranet are common in multi-site industries such as automotive groups, medical alliances, or between cooperative manufacturers.  Additionally, single businesses or organizations may use an extranet to share data between offices or locations in the same region or even across the country.  These extranets are private, secure, reliable, and fast, allowing for rich and content-heavy distributed applications.  Examples of these would be an image-based catalog system, a custom designed CRM or asset manager, and even productivity and management tools.


Local Area Network

For many small to medium-sized businesses or organizations, applications can easily be distributed on a local area network or LAN.  These applications are advantageous for many of the same reasons as extranets, yet are a fraction of the cost in infrastructure.  LAN applications are also somewhat less expensive to implement over their extranet counterparts due to less sophisticated security, gateways, and overall network complexity.  Distributed Applications over LAN often catalog data, organize assets, or hold shared information to be accessed by the entire business or organization.


Not sure what platform is best for you?  No problem.  Contact us to tell us more about you and your business process.  We'll help you better understand each platform's strengths so that you can move your application in the right direction.

Since every Distributed Application is as unique as the businesses and organizations they are built for, it is impossible to estimate costs outright.  Fortunately, we're eager to hear from you and give a free quote. Contact us here.


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