Data Conversion

ASI offers a wide array of conversion, migration, and transformation tools for your unique data sets.  Our data services can help you bridge the gap between legacy and future information, saving hundreds or thousands of hours and removing the need to directly enter or alter data.

Our abilities include:

Legacy Conversion

Don't be afraid to upgrade your data infrastructure because of your unmanageable legacy databases.  Our Legacy Data Conversion has been used successfully on the oldest obsolete mainframes to bring their data into the cutting edge of database management.  We have experience in one-shot and batch conversions of EBCDIC, Code page, ASCII, Unicode, and UNIX character sets.

Data Migration

Meet the changing needs of your business without a compromise in your wealth of data.  Migrate your data from MySQL to XML, CVS to MSSQL, or even from your own or third-party proprietary data structures. We excel in complex Data Migration with experience between online and off line databases, flat files, catalogs, tape, backup disks, microfiche and even paper systems.

Data Transformation

Do more with your data.  Let our data management experts analyze your schemas and flows to find the optimal data structure for your unique applications.  Don't just convert; enhance your information with data mapping, intelligently combining and separating fields, data parsing, data collection and analysis.


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