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Are you ready to move your current catalog system out of the paper age? Maybe you've got an existing electronic parts catalog but desire a more usable, accessible, and effective solution.

At ASI we scan, interpret, process, and digitize your catalogs to create a powerful, searchable electronic catalog. Deliver those benefits to your customers, distributors, or anyone else who needs access to your cataloged data.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution and the advent of interchangeable parts in the early 19th century, manufacturers have been building catalogs to visually and systematically track parts and their applications in a product.  Unfortunately, the ease of use and abilities of paper catalogs haven't changed much since then, until now.

ASI offers a complete Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) process to turn your existing catalog data into a fast, efficient, and powerful cataloging system.  View some of the EPC features below.

Use Existing Data

In developing an EPC solution for you, ASI designs a product for your current data.  Without changing your work-flow, design cycles, or otherwise interfering in your existing processes, we build a powerful catalog around you and your data, not the other way around.  We work with paper, PDF's, or even preexisting EPCs. We can scan, extract, or mine your data source to get catalog data.


Multi-Level Imaging

Allowing for a multitude of zoom levels, all of our EPC products showcase our multi-level imaging system.  These proprietary techniques allow for thumbnails, closeups, and everything in between with minimal file size on your system.


Advanced Markup

Extending the functionality of your typical EPC has always been a goal for ASI.  We develop advanced markup components that allow your users to access data faster then ever.  These techniques include rollover part info, similar parts search, and alternate section linking for faster browsing.


Power Search

We believe that at the center of any good EPC is a powerful search.  With ASI's EPC solutions, we build our search tools around power, flexibility, and ease of use.  If you user is a veteran repair technician or a novice counter clerk, they'll be able to find parts in your catalog, fast.


Customized Updates

If designing an EPC around your data is important, then designing an EPC around your update schedule is equally important.  At ASI, we understand that every manufacturer is as unique as the products they produce; with that, so are the changes, corrections, and updates to their catalog data.  Annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even real-time; we'll build an update schedule around you and your needs.


Your Platform

No one knows the demands of your client base than you do.  With that, we're flexible when it comes to the deployment and platform of your EPC.  Standalone Windows CDs, a distributed LAN application, a multi-tiered extranet application, or a complete internet catalog -- the choice is yours.


Because every EPC we create is as unique as the manufacturers we design for, we are not able to give firm pricing on a generalized EPC product.  Fortunately, we'd love to hear from you about your process and requirements in order to quote you a specific cost.  Contact us to get things started.


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