• More features to hosting packages

    Over the past year we've been listing to the feedback about our pricing packages on our ChameleonCMS.  Today we're announcing some major improvements to some of our plans and adding a new plan.

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  • New Features & Improvements

    Some exciting new features and improvements are on the way forChameleonCMS, including: multiple file upload, quicker imageproperties, drag and drop file management, full IE8 support, fasterrendering, and an improved user interface.

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  • How and why to use Feedburner

    Feedburner (www.feedburner.com) is an online service that offers some handy help for your RSS feeds.  Using the basic functionality of Feedburner is free and, as a result, we recommend it for several reasons.

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  • Podcasting Demystified

    Podcasting is a widely popular method of delivering media over the internet. But many of us haven't a clue of how or why it works. Here we'll explain what podcasting is and how you can use it on your site for sermons, chats, or audio blogs.

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  • Creating a Staff Gallery

    It's always important to think critically and creatively while implementing your website.  Often times, our clients will be interested in having content (not just design) that stands apart from others.  One way to achieve this is to use page elements in a creative way such as a Staff Gallery using the Photo Gallery page element.

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